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GateKeeper Community App

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GateKeeper is the essential app for residents of luxury managed communities.

When a community commences the GateKeeper service residents are given details of how to login to the app and discover a specially customized app built by the managers of their community and offering a range of exciting and growing services to transform living in your community.

These include:

- a unique, customized interface specifically tailored to your community.
- real-time notifications of visitors to your home, with push notifications
- instant multimedia messaging in 4 innovative formats
- automated social networking and discreet community building, full community directory
- multi-account access per home with preferences for each user
- intelligent ID verification, security, automated creation and management of services, guest lists and much more.

NB: The iPhone/iPod version of the app is for all users. The Admin App is also available for iPad only for the use of managers and guards. Each type of user will only be able to access the app on the platform appropriate for their type of account, so make sure you choose the version. iPhone/iPod unless you are a guard or manager and require the iPad version. Contact your local GateKeeper representative via our website to start using GateKeeper in your community.

Let GateKeeper will transform your community today!